Powerball Introduction

Powerball is an American lottery game offered by forty six states in the United States of America. This lottery was founded on April 19, 1992 and it is controlled by a non profit organisation called the Multi-state lottery association (MUSL). When this lottery began, the minimum Powerball jackpot prize advertised was forty million dollars annually.

How to Play Powerball Online

There are three steps involved in playing Powerball online, here these steps will be highlighted and discussed below.
1. Picking a playslip
2. Buying Powerball ticket online
3. Checking Powerball results online


How To Check Powerball Lotto Results Online

Every lottery game has a stated draw time. In Powerball, draws are held every wednesday and saturday at 7:59 pm pacific time. Tickets can be checked by finding the the winning numbers on any Powerball lottery site and watching the list of draws, winnings can also be checked by scanning a ticket barcode or logging into your online lotto account. Lists of draws and winnings can also be broadcasted on newspaper or on television.
Winnings can come in different sizes and formats, winning combinations can be seen below;
a. 5 numbers and the Powerball – Jackpot
b. 5 numbers for the – 2nd tier prize
c. 4 and powerball number -3rd tier prize
d. match 4 numbers – 4th tier prize
e. 3 and powerball number -5th tier prize
f. 3 numbers – 6th tier prize
g. match any 2 and powerball number – 7th tier prize
h. 1 of 5 and the Powerball number – 8th tier prize
I. Powerball number only – 9th tier prize