Mega Millions Introduction

The game Mega Millions began on the 31st of August 1996 as the ‘Big Games’. The first drawing of this game took place on the sixth day of September in 1996 with six member states: Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and the state of Virginia. The game started with a single draw in a week but an extra winning draw was added in February 1998. Then, the players were given a larger choice of numbers and a cash payout option was made in January 1999.


How To Play Mega Millions

The game of mega million ticket costs two dollars per one, it is played with numbers which consist five different main numbers which ranges from one to seventy and one other number from one to twenty five making up six numbers to form a draw. Instead of picking numbers by oneself, one can make use of Easy pick or Quick play or make use of the Random number generator. The game is played by picking six numbers from two separate pools of numbers.
– Quick Play
The quick play is a way of playing a very fast and swift game with the use of the computer system at a retail office or online.
– Random Number Generator
The random number generator helps to generate numbers randomly, they are usually used for entertainment purposes and they can also be used to play game. The numbers generated by this feature are random numbers which could be changed by the player and replaced with another one if he or she wants to.
It must be known that ticked played cannot be cancelled and if one notices any error one can get a new ticket and make a change.



From the above table, it can be seen that their are nine possible winnings ranging from a Jackpot (which could be a minimum of forty million dollars) to $2 being the price of a single ticket. Jackpots could vary on price but has a minimum amount of forty million dollars. Prizes or winnings varies from one locality to another, for examples, in the state of California, all prizes are pari-mutuel, that is, payout are based on sales and the number of winners.
Other states give prizes from second through ninth prizes at pre-determined amounts.


A Jackpot is a situation in which all six numbers choose are won from a winning in a draw. If a jackpot is won by a player, there are two types of payment which are the Annuity option and the cash option.
Annuity Option: the mega millions annuity is paid out as an immediate payment followed by twenty nine (29) annual payments. When this annual payments are being paid, each payment is five percent bigger than the previous one so as to protect the winners lifestyle and purchasing power in times of inflation.
Cash Option : this payment is used for paying small amounts or Winnings and can also be used for paying jackpots all at once. This type of payment is a one time, big sum payment which is equal to all the cash in the mega millions jackpot prize pool.
Mega Millions features ‘Just the Jackpot’ and ‘ Megaplier’ which makes it more distinct from other lottery games.