How to Play Euromillions

The game can be played by matching five main numbers which ranges from one to fifty (1 – 50) as well as two additional lucky stars numbers which ranges from one to twelve (1 – 12). Euro millions can be played from home and in any country in the world. Since there are none member countries, interested players can buy tickets at any ticket outlet or at a retail shop or any of the participating government lottery websites. It can also be played online both domestically in the authorized member countries or interested members from non-member countries.
If someone wants to play from countries outside the Euro millions member countries, their games can be played online. With anyone outside this member countries are good to go on with game playing and will be able to see draws. There are few processes involved and they are explained below;
– Numbers selected are entered into the Euro millions draw(s) which the player subscribed to.
– An entry detail is sent to players containing the details of subscription.
– After each draw, a copy of the draw results will be sent to the player.
– There will be notification of any winning to lucky winners around the world.
– The winnings will be claimed and sent to the players account anywhere around the world through possible means.
It must be noted that draws are held every Tuesday’s and Friday’s of the week.


Playing Euro Millions Online

To play Euro millions online, one must visit there webpage though;
1. First, you must indicate the number of draws and weeks that you would like to enter. Draws are held twice every week, on Tuesday and Friday. You can play for as long as 8 weeks (16 draws) and your numbers are automatically entered into every draw during this period.
2. For each Euro Millions game that you would like to play, you need to select 5 main numbers (ranging from 1 to 50) as well as two additional numbers called Lucky Stars (ranging from 1 to 12). Alternatively, you may choose the Quick Pick option and the computer will provide you with a set of randomly generated numbers.
3. Complete your contact details. In the event of a big win, our customer care representative will give you a call to tell you the good news.
4. Payment can be made through any transfer means to lucky winners.