Eurojackpot Introduction

EuroJackpot Lottery is one of the latest lotteries that are grabbing worldwide attention. They offer a jackpot that starts at €10 million, which can reach up to €90 million for the exceptionally lucky winners. When you play Euro Jackpot you have the odds of 1 in 40 to win a prize, and if you are after the jackpot (who isn’t?), then the EuroJackpot odds are 1:95,344,200. It is also important to mention that 11 jackpots were paid out during last year, so there are many more to come during 2018.

History and Background

This lottery entered the market in March 2012, and since day one this has been a transnational lottery with a weekly draw. Over the last couple of years, EuroJackpot has become very popular amongst Europeans, which means that the jackpot builds up fast. This lottery started the year strong with two massive wins in Norway and Germany, and one astronomical win in Finland of €90,000,000.

These EuroJackpot recent wins have shown the European market what is possible. The first maxed out jackpot was won in 2015, Czech Republic. In total the EuroJackpot highest win of €90,000,000 has been paid out three times so far.

The Draw

The EuroJackpot Lottery draw takes place very Friday in Helsinki, at 9 pm (10 pm EEST, 7 pm GMT). The final verdict is then confirmed in the EuroJackpot results soon after the draw. This is when the EuroJackpot results are announced in the 12 different prize tiers, which are all supported by all 17 EuroJackpot countries. If you live in one of the lottery’s main countries you can also watch the draw live on TV, which is a really exciting thing to do. The EuroJackpot draw can also be seen on YouTube shortly after.

How to play EuroJackpot

Euro Jackpot is a fairly straight forward game in which the player picks five numbers between 1 to 50, plus two bonus numbers (aka lucky stars) from 1 to 8. A single line for EuroJackpot usually costs €2.50, which isn’t much considering the odds of winning. This lottery has 12 different winning levels with cash prizes, which is why the odds of winning a price is around the 1:40 mark.

One of the really good things about this lottery is that it is very accessible and can be played at most certified online casinos within the European legislations. To play EuroJackpot online, go to the casino of your choice. When the numbers have been picked, all you have to do is wait for the Euro Jackpot results, and every Friday is a Euro Jackpot Friday.

Odds of Winning

The handsome odds of winning any prize at the EuroJackpot draw are around 1:40. To get your hands on a jackpot you are looking at the statistical odds of 1:95,344,200, which ranges from €10 million up to €90 million. This also applies to EuroJackpot UK. So, with these EuroJackpot odds in mind there are many opportunities available for a win, and it is always a huge plus to any online game or lottery.